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An Oasis of Japan in the Heart of Denver

Taste the authentic Japanese flavors with every bite of our sushi, sashimi, and more at Banzai Sushi in Denver, Colorado. We feature the highest level of Japanese cuisine that is crafted with a creative touch. As the home of the 100 rolls, we have a wide range of combinations from the usual to the outrageous. Whether you prefer simple flavors or bold ones, we have a sushi roll just for you!

About Us

We are a Japanese restaurant that has been in business for more than 40 years. Headed by a Master Chef from Osaka, Japan, our special sushi rolls are meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients. We pride ourselves on offering not just traditional sushi rolls but also unique ones that you won’t see or taste anywhere else.


Our Food

We specialize in crafting the most delicious, high quality nigiri & sashimi specialties and our signature rolls. Our menu consists of many different variations of Japanese cuisine, from traditional options to our jaw-dropping, mouthwatering selections, your feast is here. O toro and Uni (fatty tuna and sea urchin) are almost always available on a daily basis and one of our highest staples for two decades that we are widely known for, Matsutake Dobin Mushi – a seasonal hard-to-find mushroom delicacy only around during autumn, so contact us during that time to check availability if you are a mushroom lover.

For those wanting a different kind of feast we also offer an innovative dinner menu that features fully cooked selections of fish, chicken, New York steak, and Japanese Udon soups, salad, appetizers and delicious Japanese entrees. We have great reputation for being attentive and careful to those with any food allergies and if you have any special requests or customization to your order, we will try our best to accommodate your need.

Come and Taste the Flavors of Japan

Get the freshest sushi, sashimi, and more at Banzai Sushi. Contact us for more information.